Status Quid Pro Quo

from by Araless

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Thinkin bout this bread chase got me red faced
Got me all sorts of fucked up in my head space
If you don't get it yet
You must be privileged
It don't affect you personally
That's the difference
Call me a hypocrite
For how I'm livin, shit
Knowin how the system is
But still I'm a participant
As white Americans
Here is our inheritance
Centuries of power
From generations of terrorists
Can't fix that with a conversation with a therapist
Your petty personal problems can't be compared with this
Military force opened up the doors
For corporate interests to inch in and plot their course
Divvy up the world and drain every resource
Dump our plastic trash in their backyards in heavy portions
Outta mind outta sight
Outta line; we oughtta fight
But everybody got a reason
Why they ain't the problem, right?
I wanna see the collapse of the middle class
Maybe that'll get some of these people off they little asses
Fuck a Republican
Fuck a Democrat
Both push a global capitalistic agenda. Fact.
Which also happens to be antiblack
Misogynistic and stacked against everybody but white psychopaths
No amount of perceived peace love and unity
Ends the oppression you can see
And all its casual cruelty GO

Cuz this is war that we're facin
We can't support this immoral occupation
We don't want the quid pro quo
As the status enforced by the pig pork po
The fattest cat gets fed but where the poor folk go
Cuz this is war that we're facin
We can't afford to ignore or be patient

I'm a 21st century
Descendant of peasantry
In essence subsistin on a system of white supremacy influencing culture
Based on a mythic nonscientific premise we
Proved to be untrue but it's endlessly
Subtle but sometimes it's blatant
Pointed out in history but then denied evaded
I wanna live to see it completely annihalated like a lion ate it
I feel hopeless like I'm trapped in an iron maiden
That's just how I relate it
Then I get labeled contrarian
For not bein a good American providin for the rich denyin the proletarian
I query and question
One of us will learn a lesson
Viewpoint's invalid without the proper context in
Vexin the most entitled, ignorant. Confession:
I'm still both workin to be a little bit less than


from Proletariat Rock, released December 5, 2016


all rights reserved



Araless Seattle, Washington

Born small and bearded on planet earth.


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