7 Years Ago

from by Araless

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Seven years ago I asked what revolution mean
A young reactionary, passionate but too naive
since then I'm learnin ropes
tossed aside the color blind approach
Feeling the pressure and I haven't been losing steam
Refining my analysis
Encountering these challenges
Spotting these fallacies
Won't be swayed by foolish memes
But if I am though, reject them
being flexible my ammo
Being wrong's inevitable, false conclusions mean:
you're learning the treasure from the vermin
You got a chance to change as long as this place keeps turning;
rotating around this burning ball of gas,
hauling ass through space
while we concerning ourselves with matters of faith
figuring how to relate to sermons
looking for a heaven while this hell needs overturning
What higher purpose are you serving?
A human made god or humankind itself?
I'm urging don't become a merchant selling these assertions.
Too much complacency
I hastily piss on it
'cause the urgency spurring me
I convert it to sonic
burning chronic, ingesting alcohol
it all combines to bind me to a persona
I ponder what I can even make out of it all
Went from idealist to materialist
to be real it's not effective in all seriousness
to believe in miracles or spiritual myths
while we got people dying in the physical world right here as it sits
The status quid pro quo
will provoke a response from the real poor folk
the pigs won't know what hit them
good riddance
vengeance for innocent victims
lynching this criminal system
we inching to the limits of where this system go
so we gotta adapt
everybody give back
if we don't want an economy where poverty's fact
as long as private property's stacked
backed by the kind of officer that
pack a 9 and pull it and *blap*
bullets are flying and stop in your back
fuck a cop
and his hat, armor, weaponry, badge, flag
the whole military arm of the state
the way they repping peace then act
mad with power
devouring each and every piece they snatch; grab
that sums up five centuries of murderous cash grab
Why can't we all evolve past that
put the land and the labor stolen in the past back
these European colonies are falling like nasdaq
If you on the wrong side of this you can kiss my asscrack

How can we expect peace
on stolen land named after murdered chiefs?
Paying slave patrol police?
Sending troops to bomb the Middle East?
All so that we can have more;
a way of life paid for by war


from Proletariat Rock, released December 5, 2016


all rights reserved



Araless Seattle, Washington

Born small and bearded on planet earth.


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